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 “Bubba, Chief, Woof Woof” May 2, 1996 – March 22, 2010

 I am so lucky. Bubba came into my life as a baby in June 1996. The best advice I ever got was “Take him everywhere if you can”! Bubba went on rode trips to NYC & the Hamptons, and Charleston, Savannah, Raleigh & Charlotte. He flew to Florida and Texas many times to visit family.

I am so lucky. My beautiful boy came to work with me every day from July 2004 to March 21 2010. He made my job easy, at our doggie daycare, as he looked after all our guests. All the dogs, big and small, loved him. He loved being my right hand man. He was indeed the Chief Woof Woof!

I am so lucky. We loved each other to pieces. I loved greeting him every time he came back in from the yard with “Here’s my Angel Baby, your Momma loves you so much!” Lucky me would then be showered with the sweetest, softest kisses. I would tell him “Your Momma’s the only one who loves your kisses, Thank you sweetie baby”

I am so lucky. I was blessed to have 13 years with my sweetheart. I close my eyes and your sweet smell binds us forever and ever.

I miss you so much. You are forever in my heart. “You’re my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, my beautiful boy” “Your Momma loves you so, so, so, so much”


Lucy would like to thank everyone for the messages, cards, plants, flowers and tree in remembrance of my sweet baby boy.